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Even More Advanced Topics

This topic is currently being fleshed out. Stay tuned for more updates.

I. Blocks

There's an easy way to apply a conditional to text, branches, and other things. You can group things using blocks. A block begins with the characters <? and then ends with ?>.

You are standing in a room.
There is a locked box here..
has_key ?: <?
  You wonder if you could use your key on this box.
  { Unlock the box with your key.

    You open it!
{ Leave it alone }

In the above example, there is text and a branch that will only be shown to the user if "has_key" is true.

II. Subroutines

You can redirect and then return after the redirected section completes using the <=> sequence instead of => when doing a redirect.

You are walking along a road

<=> encounter

You continue along the road

You talk to a man.

III. Pre and Post Sections

You can define two sections that will prefix and postfix your content.

This is a node.

This is another node.

This is some pre text.

This is some post text.

In the above example, "This is some pre text." will show up every time text is shown. it shows up before all text in the current node. The "This is some post text." will also show up after the text.