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If you just want to see some quick examples, here are a few.

Try copy-pasting these into the text editor after clicking the "Write a story" button.

I. Simple

You are tired.
{ Lie down.

  You overslept and are late to work
{ Stay up all night

  You had a rough next day at work

II. Example with Labels

You are standing in a dark room.

You hear a dripping noise.
  Strike a match.

  You light a match and can see!

  You see a door and a window.
    Climb out the window.

    You successfully climb out the window!
    => outside
    Open the door.

    You open the door. There is a guard here!
    => fight
  Feel your way out.

  You feel the floor and wals and immediately get bit by something.

  You have died.
  => end

You are standing outside the cell. The cool air feels good.
There is a light in the distance.
{ Walk to the light. }

You walked to the light and then died.

The guard brandishes his sword. He takes one swipe and down you go!
=> end