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Diorama Club is created by Allen Ussher.

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What's new?


I did an internal rewrite to support some brand new features. These features are great. Your kids are gonna love 'em.

Pre and post sections. You can define two special sections, [pre] and [post]. Whatever text, branches, redirects, etc. that show up here will always show up whenever a node is displayed to the user. These are best used with conditional statements. I'll write up some tutorials soon, but you can see some examples at More Advanced Tutorials.

Subroutines. Instead of using => in a redirect, you can use <=>. This is treated as a subroutine redirect. What that means is when the script ends at the section you redirected to, we'll return to where the subroutine was called.

Blocks. You can now group text, branches, redirects, etc. into blocks. You can apply a lone conditional on the block. This'll make it easier to group logical pieces together in your scripts.

An example:

  This is a block
  Everything in here is part of the block.
  { This is a branch inside the block }

In the above example, the block doesn't really provide anything useful because it's not
prefixed with a conditional. This is how you'd normally use it:

has_foo ?: <?
  I see that you have a foo object.
  Foos are useful.
  { Do something with your foo 
    Oh look, you did something with a foo.
!has_foo ?: <?
  You wish you had a foo.


Arbitrary redirects. You can now arbitrarily insert "=>" redirects without needing to prefix them with text. This can lead to infinite loops at runtime, but we're smart enough to detect them so your browser doesn't lock up. When one is detected, the user will be returned to the paragraph they were in before making the choice that lead to the error. We'll tell the user about the error and restore their state, allowing them to pick another option.

Unused sections are no longer errors. If you create sections that are never used in your script, we'll no longer treat them as errors. Instead, we'll give you a warning when you test the story out. Unused sections are often useful when you are first building up a story, so feel free to use them this way!


I have a few more features planned.

If you have any feature requests, please visit the Feedback link at the bottom of the screen.


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This was project was first started as Diorama Club in July, 2015.

It was my first node.js web app. This is my second.


Diorama Club II (this site) was launched on July 11, 2016.


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