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Welcome to Diorama Club!

This site lets you create your own interactive text adventures where readers choose their own destiny.

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Anyone can quickly write and publish an interactive story. Make the stories as simple or as complex as you like using our simple writing system.

Below is a simple example. The curly braces denote branches in the story. The first line in the curly braces become the title of the branch. The user is presented with two options below, "Not great" and "Awesome".

How are you today?
{ Not great

  That's no good!
{ Awesome

  Hooray! I'm so happy you are well.

Well, I must be going. See you later!

Copy the above example, click the "Write a story" button at the top of the page, and post it into the text editor. You can try out the story using our interactive tool.

For more details, check out our extensive tutorials.

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